FLASHBACK: Diana’s Fears: Philip Hates Me – He Wants Me To Disappear

Diana feared an attack on her life

Article by Padraic Flanagan

The Express

Published 09th June 2007


PRINCESS Diana was haunted by fears she would be murdered, and told friends of her concerns about Prince Philip’s animosity to her.

“He really hates me and would like to see me disappear,” she said.

The Princess, who died in a Paris car crash in 1997, repeatedly made clear her belief that she would be the victim of an Establishment conspiracy.

Her fashion designer friend Roberto Devorik explained that the Princess had spoken about how she would be killed in a fake accident.

“They will do it when I am in a small plane, in a car when I am driving, or in a helicopter,” she is said to have told Mr Devorik. He also revealed how Diana disliked having bodyguards because she felt they spied on her.

The article, in next month’s edition of US magazine Vanity Fair, reports how Diana voiced her suspicions on a trip to Rome with Argentinian Mr Devorik.


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FLASHBACK: Diana death probe: two computers stolen

IOL News

Published 07th February 2006


Two laptops have been stolen from offices used by a former police chief who is heading a probe into the death of Princess Diana in a Paris car crash in 1997, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

The theft sparked fears that the equipment may contain material from Operation Paget, the investigation headed by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord John Stevens, the Daily Express said.

However, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan said the computers did not contain any sensitive information or any material linked to the probe.


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FLASHBACK: Diana was warned about ‘accident’

Yahoo News Online

Published 06th December 2005


Diana, Princess Of Wales was warned “accidents can happen” by a senior politician just six months before she died, according to her therapist.

Simone Simmons has told British police investigating Diana’s death in a 1997 Paris car crash that the princess asked her to listen to a recorded phone conversation with the politician threatening her over her campaign to ban landmines.

She was told, “Don’t meddle with things you don’t know about. Accidents can happen.”

Simmons has passed the name of the politician to police.

The allegations fuel claims Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed were murdered.


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FLASHBACK: Key Diana Evidence Will Stay Secret For 100 Years

Contact Music

Published 19th October 2005


Vital evidence relating to the tragic death of late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES will remain secret for 100 years under French law.

London’s Metropolitan Police are conducting a new investigation into Diana’s death following a high speed car crash in Paris in 1997, but their attempts to learn the identities of 24 bodies who shared a mortuary with her dead chauffeur HENRI PAUL have been rejected.

According to British newspaper the Daily Express, investigating officers believe blood may have been taken from one of the other corpses in a bid by secret agents to frame Paul for drink driving.

MOHAMED AL FAYED, the father of Diana’s lover DODI who also died following the crash, is certain the French authorities refusal to divulge information about the 24 dead people is further evidence of a cover-up operation.

His spokesperson says, “We have struggled for years to establish the identity and cause of their deaths. This just reaffirms our belief that there is an orchestrated cover-up.

“Until anybody can prove otherwise, we believe that Diana was murdered.”


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FLASHBACK: Diana Embalming To Hide Pregnancy

OUR COMMENTARY: It matters not, the outcome of any tests as to whether she was pregnant. The more sensible argument/question is that she was assassinated at that time, because IT WAS BELIEVED that she was pregnant with Dodi’s child.

This is confirmed by several in the media and Royal circles to have been the case.

So it is contributing to a well known ‘straw-man’ argument to say: “…because some test says that she wasn’t pregnant, this proves that she wasn’t murdered for that reason”.

We need to be aware of this element.


Contact Music

Published 26th September 2005


Late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES was embalmed on the orders of British authorities to prevent tests which could have confirmed whether or not she was carrying her lover DODI FAYED’s child, according to a new investigation.

British newspaper the Daily Express today (26SEP05) claims a top official at the British embassy in Paris was informed just minutes after the Princess’s death that embalming her body would be illegal. But the procedure went ahead.

Professor PETER VANEZIZ, an independent pathologist says, “Nobody should be embalmed before a post-mortem. There is no reason why this should have been done in the case of the Princess.

“There was no reason for it to be done in order to repatriate her body to this country. That is evidenced by the fact Dodi Fayed’s body was not embalmed.

“One would have normally thought that the effect of embalming would destroy body samples if the person was pregnant.”

A spokeswoman for the UK foreign office says, “This is the subject of an ongoing inquiry by Lord Stevens and as such we have no further comment.

Fayed’s father MOHAMED AL FAYED has always insisted the tragic pair were murdered and claims he was knew Diana was pregnant.

He says, “I was told Diana was pregnant. Dodi told me the baby would have been my grandchild.”


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FLASHBACK: Diana: Will They Kill Me Like Versace?


Article by David Paul

The Sunday Express

Published 26th June 2005


PRINCESS Diana was convinced she was about to be assassinated in the days before she died, according to a new witness.

Former bodyguard Lee Sansum has told the Sunday Express of Diana’s deepest fears – magnified by the shooting of her friend Gianni Versace – before she made her fateful final journey through the streets of Paris.

His revelations will fuel growing speculation that the car crash in which Diana lost her life in August 1997 was deliberate. Mr Sansum, who worked for Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed, has broken an eight-year silence to talk about the day Diana learned of Versace’s murder and how she even asked him: “Do you think they could kill me?” Mr Sansum told how he had been ordered to protect Diana when she flew to France’s Cote d’Azur for a lavish holiday with her lover Dodi Fayed.

But her joy at spending time on the Fayed family’s £21million yacht with Dodi and her young sons William and Harry was shattered when fashion designer Versace was gunned down outside his Florida mansion.

Mr Sansum, 43, said: “The Princess was on board the Fayed family’s yacht, the Jonikel, and on July 15, the morning the news broke about Versace, I was heading towards my cabin and bumped into her standing on one of the glass fronted viewing decks.

“She was wearing a swimsuit with shorts and a thin blouse over the top and was looking out towards the sea. I said, ‘Good morning Ma’am’. It was obvious she had been crying.

“She said to me, ‘Have you heard the news about Versace?’ I said I had. She was really upset.

“She was crying and I couldn’t stop myself, so I put my arms out to comfort her and I gave her a hug. It was weird and I suddenly thought, ‘Lee what are you doing?’ and stepped back.

“She said to me, ‘What do you think has happened? Do you think Gianni Versace was assassinated? Who do you think has killed him? Do you think they could kill me?’

“I had got to know her quite well during the holiday and by then I took that to mean someone official killing her. She didn’t say, ‘Do you think anyone could kill me?’ She said ‘they’. I think she meant government agencies.

“I told her she was perfectly safe with us just to calm her down. It was all I could do.

“I felt she was very troubled, not just by Versace’s death, but for her own safety.”

Diana had arrived at Al Fayed’s stunning villa complex in St Tropez on July 11, 1997, accompanied by William and Harry. The trio enjoyed 10 days in the South of France before flying home to London. On July 22, Diana flew to Milan to attend Versace’s funeral.

But she flew back to St Tropez on July 31 for a second holiday with Dodi on board the Jonikel yacht – this time without her sons.

Diana was anxious for a distraction with the first anniversary of her divorce looming large in her thoughts.

The couple spent several happy days cruising off the coast of Sardinia. One night they enjoyed an open-air barbecue on a small island, their food served by a butler dressed in coat tails.

It was just four weeks later, on the night of August 30, that Diana and Dodi died in Paris.

Mr Al Fayed has consistently refused to accept that Henri Paul, a chauffeur at the Paris Ritz hotel, was to blame for the crash in a Paris underpass.

It has been claimed that Paul was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs as he climbed behind the wheel of the Mercedes limousine in which he, Diana and Dodi were killed.

Mr Al Fayed is convinced the couple were actually victims of a sinister plot involving British intelligence.

French judges have now ordered a fresh inquiry into claims that tests on Paul’s blood after he died were fabricated.

Last year Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler, caused a sensation when he revealed details of a note the Princess had written alleging that the Prince of Wales was plotting to have her killed in a car crash.

She wrote: “He is planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury to make the path clear for him to (re)marry.”

In fact, Diana’s fears about a link between Versace’s death and an attempt on her own life were groundless. The fashion designer was shot by gay serial killer Andrew Cunanan, who went on a gun rampage killing five men before taking his own life while hiding on a Miami houseboat.

But Mr Al Fayed insists that in the last weeks of her life Diana repeatedly told him she was receiving death threats.

Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan Police chief, is leading a £2million inquiry into the Paris tragedy. He had been due to file his report this month – six months later than initially planned. Murder has not been ruled out.

Investigators are not now expected to complete the inquiry until the end of the year, delaying an inquest into Diana’s death by royal coroner Michael Burgess until next January.

During a 10-year Army career, Mr Sansum, a former sergeant in the Special Investigation’s Branch of the Royal Military Police, worked on top secret undercover missions in Northern Ireland.

Last night said he too could not accept the drink-drive theory for the Paris death crash.

Mr Sansum, who now runs a chain of karate schools in Elgin and Inverness, in Scotland, said: “I worked for the Al Fayeds for four years and knew Diana’s personal bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones well. I know that when you worked with Trevor drink was an absolute no-no.

“I don’t give much credence to the story that Henri Paul was drunk. Trevor would never have allowed the Princess to get in the car if he had smelled of drink. It just seems to me that we haven’t got the whole story yet.

“I spoke to Kez Wingfield, another of the Fayed bodyguards, shortly after the crash.

He had been in a decoy car getting the paparazzi photographers off Diana’s trail that night and he told me the guy, Henri Paul, wasn’t drunk. I’d be happy to tell the Stevens inquiry everything I know. The truth is the Princess feared she was about to be killed in the final weeks of her life.”

Earlier this month it emerged that Mr Paul, who earned just £20,000 a year as a Ritz chauffeur, had deposited £75,000 into 13 different bank accounts before the crash.

The cash has added to speculation that he was in the pay of British spymasters.

Months after the tragedy Mr Sansum helped carry Mr Rees-Jones, who suffered massive injuries in the crash, to Dodi’s mausoleum on the Fayed family estate in Oxted, Surrey.

Mr Sansum said: “Trevor was mentally and physically screwed up. He was confused and said: ‘Lee, this is the most important thing going on in the world and I just don’t know anything about it’ but he did tell me that Henri Paul had not been drinking.

“Whatever the truth about that awful night is, we don’t know it yet and I suspect we won’t until the security services can be persuaded to reveal everything they know.”


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FLASHBACK: Diana Death: Ex-Spy is Gagged

The Mirror

Published 15th March 2007


A FORMER spy who claimed MI6 might have been involved in Princess Diana’s car crash has been banned from giving evidence at the inquest.

Richard Tomlinson, Britain’s MI6 agent in France between 1991 and 1995, has been gagged by the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith.

A permanent injunction stops Mr Tomlinson, who lives in Cannes, from talking about his former role as it would breach the Official Secrets Act.

He said: “I think they have been quite crafty.”

During the earlier inquiry led by Lord Stevens, he had told of seeing a top secret file detailing how to make an assassination look like a crash. The inquiry rejected his claims.


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FLASHBACK: Diana ‘Was Being Watched By Spies’

Contact Music

Published 03rd July 2005


Late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES was being watched by M16 spies in the days leading up to her death, according to her former bodyguard.

LEE SAMSUN is convinced Diana was being secretly monitored as she holidayed in France in July 1997 with her lover DODI AL FAYED, seven weeks before their fatal car crash in Paris.

Samsun says, “I felt it was sinister. Diana knew she was being watched. She was perturbed by it.

“These shadowy faces just kept appearing. I believe they were M16 agents.”


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FLASHBACK: Diana driver was secret informer

London Times

Published 26th February 2006


THE chauffeur of the car in which Diana, Princess of Wales died was working for the French secret service, the British team reinvestigating her death has been told.

The inquiry — headed by Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan police commissioner — into the Paris car crash that killed Diana is now trying to obtain the chauffeur’s files from French intelligence but is being delayed by the reluctance of the authorities to hand them over.

Stevens’s team has asked the country’s domestic intelligence service, the DST, to surrender all its “agent handling” files on Henri Paul, the chauffeur, to establish whether he was doing any work for his French intelligence bosses on the night of the crash.

Paul crashed the car, killing himself, Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in a tunnel in central Paris in 1997. It has previously been claimed — and strenuously denied — that he worked for SIS, the secret intelligence service, also known as MI6.

Well-placed sources say requests by the Stevens team for information about Paul’s activities on the day of the crash, and demands for complete records of tests taken on his blood after he died, have become bogged down by the “incredible bureaucracy” of the French justice system.

The delays mean the £4m inquiry, ordered by the royal coroner in 2004, is certain to stretch into the latter part of this year and may not be completed before 2007.

French police concluded the crash was an accident, caused by Paul driving the Mercedes in which Diana was travelling at high speed away from paparazzi while under the influence of drink and drugs.

The role of Paul, who was deputy head of security at the Paris Ritz hotel, and what he was doing in the hours up to the crash are central to the inquiry. Mohamed al-Fayed, the Harrods tycoon and Dodi’s father who also owns the Paris Ritz, has claimed Diana and his son were murdered by British intelligence.

Scotland Yard sources disclosed last week that the French government had finally confirmed Paul’s employment by the DST during discussions last year.

A Yard source said: “We now know he was working for the French secret service and the French have got to give us access to the records of what he was doing. It’s an issue. We want to know where he was and what he was doing that evening.”

After Paul’s death French police discovered he controlled secret accounts containing more than £100,000 in 14 banks across France.

The Stevens inquiry has been complicated by the apparent refusal of the French authorities to allow Yard detectives to see several key witnesses to the accident.

Stevens has said he is determined to “leave no stone unturned” in his investigation. He needs to establish beyond all doubt whether or not Paul was drunk and under the influence of powerful antidepressant drugs when he crashed the Mercedes.

Concerned that there may have been a forensic mix-up, Stevens is trying to persuade the French public prosecutor’s office to disclose all records of how Paul’s blood was analysed. The Yard team has also had to wait for a new report by Dr Gilbert Pepin, the French toxicologist who analysed Paul’s blood after the crash.

After a wrangle over the size of his fee for acting as an expert witness, Pepin has only recently supplied Stevens with a full account of his analysis of the blood taken from Paul’s body as it lay in the central Paris mortuary.

Stevens is also waiting to interview the female laboratory technician who took the blood from Paul’s body.

Fayed has claimed that MI6 agents visited the morgue on the night of the crash to plant evidence suggesting Paul was drunk, by substituting his blood for the alcohol-contaminated blood of a suicide victim. Sources say there were 25 bodies in the morgue that night.

After two years of investigation, Stevens still takes the view that Diana’s death was an accident. However, he is conscious of the fact that many people still believe she was murdered.


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FLASHBACK: Di death driver paid $180,000

Australian Sun Herald

Published 14th June 2005


THE chauffeur who crashed the car in which Princess Diana died received almost $180,000 in the weeks leading up to the accident.

The mystery payments to Henri Paul, who also died in the 1997 Paris tunnel car crash, dwarfed his annual $47,000 salary as a driver.

The payments — mostly from British banks — were discovered by auditors assisting the UK investigation into Diana’s death.

The revelations will fuel conspiracy theories that Mr Paul was being paid by British spymasters — an allegation first raised by an ex-MI6 agent shortly after the crash.

Mr Paul was already known to have built up a small fortune in a global network of 13 separate bank accounts.

This was despite his modest salary as a driver at the Ritz, owned by Mohamed Al Fayed, retail tycoon and father of Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi, who died with her.

The new findings are the first evidence Mr Paul received payments directly from Britain.

“The money arrived via a banker’s draft and was converted into French francs from sterling,” a source “close to the investigation” told Britain’s Daily Express.

The British link was discovered only with new financial search powers granted in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the US.

The new laws allow finance police to probe almost any account in the world — impossible during the initial crash investigations.

Claims that Mr Paul was in the pay of British spymasters were first raised by renegade former MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson, who said the French driver was paid for supplying Britain’s intelligence service with gossip about Ritz guests.

Mr Al Fayed has led conspiracy theories suggesting MI6, working for the royals, arranged for Diana’s murder by presenting the Paris crash as an accident.

The Daily Express has largely acted as a conduit for the theories of Mr Al Fayed, who owns London’s Harrods.

It is also understood French police have reopened investigations into Mr Paul’s blood sample amid continuing allegations that it was swapped.

The sample provided to police indicated Mr Paul was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs at the time of the crash.

The complexity of the money trail has delayed the investigation’s scheduled conclusion from December last year to next January.

The Scotland Yard investigation, led by former British police chief Sir John Stevens, will precede the official British inquest on Diana.


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